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Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
Glancing at Max BMW's fiche a few part numbers of the water pump have changed but most are the same. Have you heard that the problem's been resolved? Fwiw, no issues with my 2006 Dakar yet at 21,000 km, fingers crossed...
With my 2003 Dakar, I was aware of the water pump issue and at 20-something thousand miles bought the shaft/impeller/seal kit.

However, after many thousand more miles of watching the weep hole for tale-tell seepage, it never materialized. I never changed out mine cuz it wasn't broken - 72,400 miles on it.

I always attributed this to the fact that my bike was ridden almost daily, which I believe is a big help in keeping anything mechanical working properly, in this case keeping the seals conditioned.

Now that my bike has sat idle for over two years with only an occasional cranking and no riding, I'm expecting to have to replace the water pump stuff. But it's not that big of a deal. I think the parts were around $50 and the project is a two or three hour job.
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