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Originally Posted by trainman View Post
What I think is interesting is that the list price of the new Sertao at the dealer I looked at was $9445.00. Ok it's on the higher end of 650 duel sport bikes, but you say the Dakar's are in the $6000.00 range used for 7-8 year old model bikes, that figures out to around $450.00 per year depreciation and I'm figuring that from a $9500.00 list price, I know the Dakar's didn't list for that high of price back in their day, so the cost per year would be lower, more like $325.00 per year now. Let me say here, this is not a KLR vs. a Dakar/Sertao debate, this was just to show the cost of ownership of the BMW Dakar/Sertao, or should I say what it has been in the past, going forward who knows.

Excellent point John...

In fact, I bought my 2003 Dakar in 2007 with very low miles (4K) and if it hadn't been wrecked I expect I could get the price I paid or close to it today.

Even after the wreck and rebuild it's worth more than twice what a DR or KLR from the same year would be worth, especially since it now has improved suspension.
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