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Just read through the thread and had a few thoughts.. not that anyone cares

1. the price of used Dakars will be coming down?? why would you spend 6-7.5k on a used bike when the Sertao is the same bike with a 3 year warranty? The obvious answer to this is that a) the Dakar has a larger tank b) the Dakar was 100% made and assembled in Europe and the Sertao is being built in China,, at least according to the dealer I spoke to.. parts made elsewhere, but assembled in China.

2. If you want the BMW 650 motor in a more dirt worthy bike wait for the reported Husky 650 to come out sometime this year or next... USD forks, longer travel, etc.

3. I have seen quality riders take 650 Dakars places that I thought only a dedicated dirt bike could go.. even with that spindly ass front end.
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