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Originally Posted by Cal View Post
Ive been watching this thread with interest. I have a 07 f650gs non daker with 66000kms and a previous post states the different part numbers for the water pump parts, so looking at the Max site it was confirmed the shaft seal kit and the plastic gears are diff. numbers. I hope this means that they have improved the parts on the new bike or maybe it just means the parts are from a diff, source??

I am one of the many who has had problems with the seals and shaft, 5 kits so far in 66000kms! Last change 13000kms ago I changed the left side cover and that seams to help though I still have a drop or 2 of coolant at the weep hole.

Many, as stated before have no problems and many do, lets hope the new bike is problem free!! I sat on one at the moto show and do like it. By the way I am an expert at the shaft and seal change and they really are no big deal.

Your above comment has peaked my curiosity. In my post above I mentioned that I've come to believe my bike has escaped the water pump seal problems due to it being ridden daily or almost so.

I'm wondering if yours is also ridden continuously or if it sits weeks or months at a time, such as stored for winter, etc.

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