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Originally Posted by Cal View Post
good question. A mixture of both, yes it does sit for long periods of time in the winter but the faliures have happened after long continues rides. For example, I left Arizona for Central America and rode everyday for 7 weeks and the seals went after 10000kms, then after 1 week and 1500kms they went again. Changed at a dealer next time and lasted only 5000kms, this was all riding daily!!!

The 5th change BMW gave me a free new clutch side cover and that was 13000kms ago, rode to Alaska and it leaked small drops for the first 1000kms and has appeared to seal its self after that!??

Now sitting in the Garage at 5 degrees C and lets hope for the best in the spring!
Well damn... that shoots my "sitting up" theory all to hell.

Guess I've just been lucky (but I'll take it).
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