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Im little dissapointed aboat the rumour. I will build a new Dakarbike based on our exsperiance from this Dakarrally and race it 2013 despite any change in modelprogram.

I will make a 3 liter + tank and move in the fuel system in the tank to get it cooler in those ...... hot days.
Every thing was new on the bike and it was just this small detail that gave me problems.

Other problems is the driver and mechanic responsible to:
  • Clutchline cut off when barkbuster rotated in small crash. No clutch in 150 km dunes
  • Clutch lever came lose and piston disapeared. No clutch 270 km (SS277 km)
  • Vacum line jamed. No fuel to the EFIpump
  • Tryed to refuel i from extra 1 liter bottle when the SS was 280 km long without refuling in a 90km/h speed zone.Lost the fuelcap and a lots off places when it wasnt found that easely.
  • Tryed to pass a watercrossing without getting of the bike. Spotted in Eurosport
  • Oring jamed in injector body and sprayed lots of fuel over the engine in Liason unattended.

If you intrested in fuel tanks:
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