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Originally Posted by markjenn
My guess would be that it will take an tremendous amount of work and luck to come close in performance to a well-jetted BST, let alone a well set up FCR. But my hats off to you for trying and it is definitely something I'd love to see documented.

- Mark
You really think so? If that was the case why can't you buy a 2006 Escalade with a Holley 750 DP? I know emisions right? How can a well jetted Carb compete with a well tuned EFI system with an 02 Sensor, and a map sensor?
No way. Think of what you'll need..... If I use a left side throttle body from a
BMW boxer bike, I've killed many birds with that one stone. TPS, Injector mounting,and throttle cable. So after that your left with Water temp sensor(drill and tap a water neck), fuel pump, and fuel lines(no big deal).
After that its wiring and weld a bung in the exhaust for the 02 sensor.
Oh yea, forgot the intake air temp sensor, that can be mounted in the airbox. The boxer t-body is pretty close to the same footprint as the old BST, but a tad longer.( silicon hump hoses from a speed shop).
I bet I'll pick up a few HP , and a bit of throttle response all over the range. After I injected my old CIS Audi, I noticed a huge difference just from the resistance from the old fuel dist.
Just say'IN
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