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Originally Posted by crankshaft
You really think so? If that was the case why can't you buy a 2006 Escalade with a Holley 750 DP? .
it has been my experiance that if you can define and box in the use of the vehicle I can tune a carb to do that as well or better then a FI, actually prefer the carter or Rochester carbs, done a few things with some webers as well, the Holley while very popular is not as tunable. with that said what a FI system gives you is a sort of tune on the fly thing, so many factors effect the fine tune of a fuel system, the factories have to hit something in the middle to be reliable and still meet requirments, it is why so many tuners tweak and one mans tweak is another mans nightmare. FI done right will tweaK on the fly if set up right.

as for filling that thing with silicone, if your really wanting to do that hit an electronics shop or mail order outlet and get "potting compound" it is that wierd hard gell stuff but can be removed if needed.

now my opinion, go for it , I am a natural tinkerer why rebuild stock when you can do something funky
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