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Originally Posted by Jarvis View Post
I think you should be able to post .gpx anywhere. Your issue might be filesize? (2.5 MB limit)
When I reply to this thread, there is an attach button in the toolbar. When I reply to a thread in Australia's regional forum, there is no attach button.

So it's got nothing to do with filesize.

Originally Posted by barnyard View Post
The number of people that post .gpx files is tiny compared to the number that post photos as attachments.
I've worked with forum admin areas a few times... and I'm certain there is a button somewhere "allow jpg attachments" which can simply be removed, while still allowing gpx attachments.

I think it's a real shame we can't attach photos anymore. Third party services go away all the time, or members stop paying the bill. I've always been using the "attach" feature, even though I've got plenty of other places I could put it, because I want to know that as long as adv stays online, my photo will also stay around.

Surely if money is the reason this was turned off, the solution is to find some sort of revenue model for the site? A "pro" membership system or advertising should more than cover the minimal cost of image hosting (I work in the hosting industry... believe me, hosting photos is cheap as).
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