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Originally Posted by Weekend Hack View Post
For those that have participated in and completed this rally I have a few questions.

I was wondering how easy and cost of hiring race support and an estimated cost for average service. It seams like riders from an area put together a team and hire support trucks, as I am American it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to put together such an effort. I looks like the IR website recommends VYPE as a service provider, has anyone used them and how what can I expect?

This is perhaps more for the race management but will they have this rally if the Dakar Rally returns to Africa? I don't want to put a ton of effort into setting up a campaign if the race is going to fold.

I understand that there are race and adventure divisions so my riding ability would not limit my entry but I am wondering how competitive the race division is? I see from previous posts in this thread that others have entered GS1200ADV in the race division so their must be a broad range of bikes.

I am sorry if this seams like a lot of questions but its a big undertaking. I am sure there are more things i am not thinking of so If anyone has any anything they would like to share about their experiences I would enjoy hearing about it.

A little bit off topic, but you could always check out the Heroes Legend Rally, it's been running a few years now and has a very good feel to it, everyone I know that has raced it [including some very well known Dakar veterans] says it's how the Dakar used to be. And how a rally should be. Its a very popular race with many options on bike hire and support.

Alot of my friends have raced it and there are now 2 options, regularity or racing, which opens it up to more of a wider audience.. just something else to consider.

There are many service teams around Europe, but the 2 best ones to my knowledge are Desert Rose Racing [UK] & Memotours [Holland], both can supply bikes etc and do full spanner service.
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