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Originally Posted by HogWild View Post
Doesn't Delrin crack when bent too far? I made some parts with it and found it slightly brittle. HDPE is impossible to crack.
I haven't had this happen but there is always a yet. To be honest its more about sourcing it. I know where it gets dumped in a skip in usable sizes and hence free. . which is good for mockups.

The chopping boards I got were a bit flexable and in my application they wouldn't be big enough, hence I'll have to find a source.

The delrin I got was pretty flexable considering its thickness. It may crack in a crash but I think (who knows here) that I'd be more worried about myself in that situation. To this end I plan to make the fairings I'm build attach to the tank in a similar way to neduro, strapping etc so they can move about a bit and hopefully be more able to be put back into position.

If in the case that the bike drops on its side (low speed) for example I would think the tower is less likely to be hit and the fairing is more likely to cop punishment and that impact would be transfered through to the tower. If the tower has some flex and the fairings are not able to move from the mounting the problem just becomes different. If I or someone else was to make a tower that can flex then (as per the previous clip with the hdpe) the fairing needs to aswell. I can't see why it possible to do one without the other, eg, solid (alloy, bolted fairing) or flexible (hdpe/? and a fairing that can move a bit. Its my current thought anyway. Although history states thats may change
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