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Originally Posted by LarryGee View Post
If you tune into the real active dirt rider forums, the KLR seems to stand out as being the bike of preference. Some consider the G650 to be somewhat of a "girls" bike because of the ergonomics and the anemic exhaust sound. I personally don't care for the looks of the either the klr or the dr but it's just my personal preference.

I would go to It's a craigslist consolidator and you can search for cragislist ads all over the country.
Thanks LarryGee, I tried the craigzoom, which I never used before. Saw some interesting bikes, most on the west coast

There's a great one in Seattle, for sale by a fellow ADV. rider, a bit of a drive from Upstate NY $250 plane ticket but iffy this time of year for a fly and ride. And if I did storage, between that, airfare, and travel money back here, it kinda detracts from the good deal it currently is.
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