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Originally Posted by SierraJeep View Post
I suppose a lot of it depends on who all wants to go (and what they wanted to ride), but for starters on this weekend's ride I'll toss this out...

The start/finish could be at the Sierra Motor Sports shop in Grass Valley. From there we'd run out to the You Bet Road area, up into the Chalk Bluff area (with lots of side options around Buckeye for fun offroad riding on the big bikes - even some big-bike-approved single-track if folks care to try it), the out to Highway 20 and drop down into Washington (maybe Alpha Road), then out to North Bloomfield, back through Nevada City, and back to the start/finish.

This is a very general (read: vauge) route, but it can be added/subtracted accordingly to fit the abilities of the group (and available time). I realize this may be common for those who live up here, but for those not from this area it would be interesting.

Then again, if someone else tosses out another option I am game for that as well.
I'd join, but I have to figure out how to get water to my cabin (thanks for nothing PCWA). I've a 350 gallon water tank w/a busted pipe, and I'm not a plumber. Yet.

Mebbe next time...

Is the petcock on?

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