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Originally Posted by supershaft View Post
The famous spline lube? Does your clutch have grabby engagement? If it doesn't, it doesn't need the splines lubed. Regular spline lubes are probably the biggest waste of time you can do for yourself since they don't help the bike. In my experience from working on tons of airheads, chances are highly likely that your bike needs some other maintenance way worse. Sure, I do it when people insist. I happily do it when they need it but that is rare. It is usually after the bike has been sitting for a long while. That has a lot more to do with grabby splines than mileage. Spline wear? I have seen just as many worn splines on bikes that got regularly lubed as not. Personally I never lube mine other than when I have my tranny out anyway for something for three decades now and have never had any worn spline issues.

Oil pump cover? Always heat the bolts/screws before you loosen them. Some people put red loctite on them! Those threads are often buggered for whatever reasons including people over tightening them. Use the proper inch pound torque wrench. The threads often need cleaning. Clean them with a thread chaser or a roll tap. Do not clean threads with cutting taps because they remove too much material during each pass. That's my advise. Good luck!
Yep, I couldn't have said it better. Don't waste your time.
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