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I don't want to be overly negative, but I think this is an idea that is likely to go bad. I had some lengthy conversations with Sjaak about his ideas for over ice travel; at one point he was considering a ride to the Pole. Issues I see just off hand are: fissures and breaks in the ice, fuel consumption and problems starting an R1 engine in sub-zero temperatures. This would be a tough venture for a dog team and a dog team is far more versatile than a Yamaha R1. I wish him luck and perhaps he has all these issues worked out; if he pulls it off I will be first to congratulate him.
Fuel consumption and problems starting the bike I hope to have solved. You can read on my website how.
During the 2009 run up to Prudhoe Bay I learned a lot. Being on the bike in a face 3, I now think weather and temperature wise it is posible. Of course I don't know how good the ice will be when I get there. Also not how much luggage the bike can pull. But I plan to have 2 or if neccessary even 4 weeks in Barrow before I will start the ride. During that time I can test ride, do cold starts, sleep outsite and adjust if something does not work.
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