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The Kit

Someone wanted to see the camping kit, so here it is!
This bag has been around the cut-block a few times! I bought it in Prince George........jeez, just after high school? No, I think I was about 20. This thing is not the lightest bag around, but if it was, It probably wouldn't have lasted almost 8 years! It still has years of life left in it, even after all it has been through! Right now, it has about 33 lbs of gear in it.

I go into the woods alone a lot of the time, so the bear spray is always within reach, but it's mostly for bush cats! I've had a few cougar encounters in the past, and there was one that was particularly unpleasant and spooky. But that is another story.

I used to use just rubber straps, but I found them a bit bouncy for larger loads. for my big pack, I now use a combination of fiber straps, as well as the rubber ones for extra support or other items on top. My only fear is what would happen if a fiber strap worked loose! At least the rubber ones shear off... I'd best not think about it!

A new tarp, which is very useful on the west coast in winter! It's a good wind break for the tent, as well as keeping the rain off.

And now....... The items!

An MEC Raven sleeping bag rated for 0C in a dry-sack, an inflatable sleeping pad from I forget who,(real comfy and compact), A Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 3 season tent, (about 3 lbs), a first aid kit in the green dry-sack, A ceramic water filter from MSR, The Vancouver Island Backroads Mapbook, A 4 piece Shakespeare Ugly Stick in the sock, and an old graphite shimano reel, a 9" filleting knife, and....... A Hatchet!

Not as sharp as the devil himself, but plenty good enough! 17" handle, and its actually a splitting maul. Sure makes fire easier in the wet.

And some cooking utensils. The stove is another MSR product.

Oh yeah, and a bit more fishing tackle.

I haven't tried out this hoist yet, but It may come in handy some day for moving rocks or trees! It is rated for 1000 Lbs. we'll see how that goes!

And then there is my newest 4 litres of home made storage.

This is the usual set of items I have on me for any ride. They are the bare essentials to get me home! The orange handles are for my can saw.

Real good saw. A friend of mine gave this to me years ago. It was made in Surrey BC, and it still holds an edge!

Front tube, pump, pressure guage, chain breaker, extra links, master link, torch lighter, extra ear plugs, tape, some cliff bars and a compass.

Also in the box wrapped up in a rag are some tools you can't be without.

And the latest addition are these! My new earplugs (from work). They fill your ear with an expanding foam, and take a mold from it to make them. I figured I'd see if I like them before ordering a second set for the motorcycle. I seem to like them, so I better get another set before I loose one! Foam earplugs can't touch these as far as comfort and protection!

Not a usual part of the kit, but these days....... I might be looking at a new stator.......To be continued......This weekend.....

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