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Re: Side Stand Height

Originally Posted by trainman View Post
Biggest gripe I have with the bike (Sertao) is it leans over too far on the sidestand, I'm 6'1" and weight around 230, I think it's heavy to upright, any tried it yet. This is what happens when you use the same sidestand as the one on the 650GS, it's too short for the Sertao.

The only time I've had a bike fall off the side stand was when I rode one with a longer stand, the wind caught it, and it blew over on the right side. The bike stuck the car parked there, damaging both vehicles.

The only time I hurt myself getting on a bike was putting my right leg over a 1200gsa and then trying to push it up with my left leg from a fully leaned-over position

Best way to mount the bike, IMHO, is to be sure it is in gear, raise it off the side stand in the open position (wheel pointed to the right), raise your right leg so that you have a tripod between the two tires and your left leg. That works fine if your are tall enough

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