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Originally Posted by Scribe View Post
How's the riding up there? Possible move in the pipeline for me so the very thing I always want to know is whether or not there's any decent dirt within an hour or two.
From personal experience, and I've done it dozens and dozens of times, you can go from downtown Sacramento to days and days of nothing but dirt in less than an hour. For instance, downtown to the little town of Dutch Flat in 55 minutes, easy. From there, you can pretty much go on...say...95% dirt to Boomtown, Nevada. And in between there, are days and days of dirt. Another example would be Sacramento to Colfax (45 minutes). From there, go dirt to Forresthill. Again, many dirt options, not to mention some nice OHV parks.

As for paved twisties, a good deal less than an hour from Sacramento to the west edge of some seriously stupid twisties heading east to 395, gateway to Death Valley.

Now then, want wine? Less than two hours to beautiful downtown Napa. I hear they have grapes there. Continuing west to Mendocino? Something like 4 hours or so. Of course, you'd have to take some majorly-nice twisties to get there.

Perhaps you want to ski? Don't get me started.

Less than 2 hours from SF, less than 2 hours from Lake Tahoe.

p.s. - Don't tell anyone. I don't want it getting crowded here like SoCal.

Is the petcock on?

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