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Grabby clutch? Seems to engage a bit quicker that it ought to, or seems to chatter a little on engagement (pile on the subjectivity here). If the splines have never had moly lube applied, they'll probably benefit (IMO). One reason a clutch can be grabby is that the clutch plate does not slide freely under load on the input shaft. Moly lube is magic-- it contains molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) which is like little atom-sized ball bearings that (supposedly) actually embed themselves in the steel so the "dry lubricant" properties are still there after the greasy has gone away.

Do it once to a new-to-you bike to reset that maintenance item to zero. Pulling the tranny is a good bonding experience, lets you get up close and personal to check the clutch plates, the engine and tranny oil seals, the throwout bearing, etc, etc. Get that merit badge under your belt and you, too, can pontificate.
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