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Originally Posted by mydlo View Post
Any updates on your progress? Did you get the kit or just order the projectors?
Ok, I got the right HID bulb and everything is working as it should now, and I went for a little ride in the twisties at 10 PM last night.

The good:
Great light
wide spread
sharp cutoff
really effective high beam

The bad:
sharp cutoff.

I can't decide if this is a good light for a motorcycle or not. It works as advertised, no question about that. But the sharp cutoff leaves a lot of darkness when you're leaned over. I should mention that this was a very twisty road- corners posted at 15 mph, and a road that I wouldn't get much over 35 mph riding in daylight.

Even with the high beam on, there's just not enough light scatter up and to the sides to see very far around corners. On the plus side, the visibility going in a relatively straight line with the high beam on is way more than I had before, with a 60 watt bulb in the stock reflector, and 2 HID fog lights on.

Also: I can just adjust the beam high enough before the projector lens touches the plexi headlight shield. I may have to make some internal modification to fix that. It might be better for others, I have a 19" front wheel on at the moment, and that drops the front a bit.

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