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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
'Recently swapped to 16/46-520 from stock 15/42-525. I tried the rear 46t with the front 15t, but the DR was revving too high from 70MPH (indicated) and up. The 16/46 is just slightly lower than stock, letting the DR pull away from a stop a bit smoother with a passenger on back. Revs at 70MPH+ are still fine, the 520 chain is worn slightly slower than if using a smaller 520 CS sprocket, and the DR lugs along a little better in 1st.
I used 16/46 on the way down (400km) to an adventure ride. Ok for cruising but the wrong ratio for 50 & 70kph zones.
Changed to 14/46 for the first 2 days (800km). Nice in the hills but crap on the open fire-roads and sealed sections.
Used 15/46 for the 3rd day and the ride back home (1100km). Made more use of the DR's torque and still let me cruise at 100-110kph. Anything over 110kph here and you're getting a ticket.

15/46 is my day-to-day gearing.
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