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Originally Posted by brucifer View Post
For the front end, I was going to keep the XR650L assembly I had installed earlier but then I found a complete minus the wheel '93 CR500 fork assembly on ebay and decided to go that route.
After I bought it I was told that the '93 stuff wasn't really that great of a setup. Oh well. It's what I have and will work fine for now. I can always change it out later if I'm not happy with the results.

I like what you're doing with the old XL6 Bruce. Its what I would be doing if I owned one

Can you elaborate further on the CR500 KYB forks? Why is it not that great of a setup? Adjustment issues? Don't tell me the average rider can tell that these forks are 1 mm smaller in diameter compared to the latest USD

Didn't you get to reuse the XL wheel with the CR5 forks? Or is it the XRL wheel you will be using?

Yes, I've seen mentioned in various discussions on USD fork setups about the sub par performance of the CR5 USD forks, but nothing with the specifics in a nice list/summary. If anyone has a good link to such information, feel free to post it, I'll read it.
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