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1965 YJ2 Low compression (60 cc)

Maybe someone can help with a few questions I have. I have a 1965 YJ2 that I am restoring. Everything is basically done except getting the tank re-chromed. I am having some mechanical issues however.The issue is that the bike will start and idle and will rev with no load in neutral. It has no mid-range or high end power though when I go to ride it. Bogs out and dies. So far I have cleaned the carb (multiple times) and adjusted the floats. I have replaced both crank seals, the head and base gaskets. I have done a leak down test and it lost maybe 1/2 psi over 6 mins. The biggest issue seems to be compression. The compression test shows only 40 psi. I didn't think it would even run with it that low.The bike only has 1100 miles on it. I would'nt think the compression would be so low. Do I have to rebore and go to the next size piston or will new rings do the trick? How do I tell? If I do have to get a new piston and rings, what do I tell the machinist the clearance should be? Or should he already know? Any help would be appreciated.
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