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Rekluse EXP install on 990 ADV

Hi Guys (and Gals)

Rekluse asked us to test fit the new EXP auto-clutch on our KTM 990 Adventure. Already having a z-Start Pro on my Super Enduro, I was anxious to see the new design. I admittedly did not install the z-Start Pro in my 950SE, as I simply ran out of time before leaving for a trip and my local shop has installed hundreds of them, so I dropped it off knowing it was in good hands.

Onto this install - most of which was performed my Mrs Black Dog (it is HER bike afterall...)

The new EXP clutch promised to be very simple to install with an external adjuster built into the provided clutch slave cylinder. As I understand it, there are several significant advantages of the new EXP clutch as compared to the z-Start Pro:
1. Ease of installation
2. Ease of adjustment both with external adjustment of the clutch plates and engagement adjustment of EXP disc using provided springs.
3. Improved feel of the clutch
4. Ability to quickly adjust clutch using external adjuster to allow for bump starting
5. Ability to quickly adjust clutch using external adjuster to allow for standard manual clutch
6. Less expensive purchase price
7. Inclusion of clutch slave cylinder, saving $180 on aftermarket replacement.

Before beginning installation, we confirmed we had the correct type of mineral oil on hand for the clutch fluid.

Step one is soaking the EXP disk assembly in engine oil for at least 5 minutes.

Installation began with putting the bike on the lift and securing it on the side stand with additional tie down straps to hold it in place. Placing an oil pan beneath the clutch cover took care of the small amount of oil that dripped out of the bike during installation.

The top two clutch plates are reused, while the next five are replaced with the EXP disk assembly. Inserting the EXP disk assembly, and the top friction and drive plate, then installing the clutch cover, ensuring the gasket was in good shape only took a few minutes.

Next came the replacement of the stock clutch slave cylinder with the Rekluse unit. The spacer needs to be moved from the stock unit to the Rekluse unit. It is pretty much a straight swap over just be sure to clean the area around the stock unit before removing it to be sure no debris gets introduced to the system.

The Rekluse product even includes a large syringe and tube to make bleeding the clutch easier.

One of the black dogs supervising

Be sure to check the engine oil level. We found that break in was critical in getting the clutch to work properly. A bit tough to do given the 15 feet of garage space I had to work with. Our initial test did determine that we needed to swap out 3 of the red springs in the EXP disk assembly with the blue springs, to provide a higher engagement setting. This is a 15 minute job thanks to the very slick design of the spring assembly.

Overall the instructions were excellent. We found a few minor corrections and improvements to suggest to Rekluse before they were published for consumers.

Giving the break in procedure some more thought, I backed the bike onto the ice in our driveway, where I could smoothly rev the bike up to 5000 RPMs the number of recommended times to break in the clutch. The chatter went away quickly and we were left with an auto clutch that engaged very smoothly and consistently, while maintaining excellent clutch feel. (Sorry, no photos of burn outs on the ice...)

All back assembled and ready to go...

If the weather holds up I may try to trailer the bike to town where the streets are clear to take it for a proper test ride, but all indications are that the EXP system is an improvement over the z-Start Pro with numerous beneficial features. I am guessing I will be swapping out the z-Start in my Super Enduro for one of these units as soon as the production models become available.

If you are interested in pre-ordering an EXP auto clutch for your 950 or 990, you can do so here:

I hope that helps. If anyone has questions, please let me know.

Thanks for your continued support
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