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Originally Posted by mOtO_man View Post
...It did not go in the glove compartment because all the wires would have had to be removed to remove the glovebox....a pain for doing maintenance.
I put mine in the glovebox, too, but I went to some effort to ensure I could remove the Fuzeblock without unwiring anything. Unfortunately the bike's in storage, so I can't post pictures right now, but here's a description of what I did:

1) Cut a hole in the bottom of the glovebox...bigger than the short dimension of the Fuzeblock ,but smaller than the long dimenion. This means the Fuzeblock will slip through the hole, but only sideways.
2) Fabricate an aluminum mounting plate that's bigger than the Fuzeblock in only the long dimension. Thus the mounting plate will also slip through the hole, but also only sideways. The extra aluminum along the two Fuzeblock sides gives me something to mount to the glovebox.
3) Mount Fuzeblock to plate with stock Fuzeblock mounting points (underneath).
4) Bolt mounting plate to bottom of glovebox using Dzus fasteners (with standard sportbike bodywork clips that grab the plastic glovebox bottom).

I'll try to take pictures and post them. If you're interested in the above and my description doesn't make sense, message me.
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