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looking for bionics
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Originally Posted by brucifer View Post
From left to right: The hot rod engine that was in the bike before the strip down. It's an XR650L bottom end with a 675cc big bore kit in an XL600 cylinder topped off with an XR500 head w/Kibblewhite valves and Megacycle cam #148x9 w/hardwelded rockers and performance valve springs.
Next to it is a '97 XR600, and on the far end is the original lower end from the bike.
I want to use the original cases to keep the numbers matching but I haven't decided what combination I want to stuff IN the cases.

Quite the hodgepodge of RFVC components there

Any problems running that XR5 head? Did you use the old style cam chain with the XRL bottom end? Valve cover from the XL6?

Did you do anything to seal up the oil chamber so it doesn't leak out around the cam bearing where the valve cover meets the XR5 head?

How well did the combo work?

Details please
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