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Originally Posted by Ghost_Mutant View Post
Quite the hodgepodge of RFVC components there

Any problems running that XR5 head? Did you use the old style cam chain with the XRL bottom end? Valve cover from the XL6?

Did you do anything to seal up the oil chamber so it doesn't leak out around the cam bearing where the valve cover meets the XR5 head?

How well did the combo work?

Details please
The only problem I ran into using the 500 head is too much compression. I bought this head off of ebay understanding it to be a 600 head. It wasn't till later on when I actually began the engine assembly did I notice the smaller combustion chamber.
The piston is a JE 10.5:1 designed to run with the chamber of the XR650L head. I'm probably well over 11:1 with this head. It doesn't work with crappy Ca. 91 octane fuel. It pinged big time with anything over about half throttle.

I didn't seal up anything in the 500 head. I do remember you talking about that in one of your posts. I'll look into it this time around.

Yes, I used the early wide cam chain. As I recall, I flipped the cam sprocket over so it would line up properly as well.

How did it run? Even pinging it was an animal. A freakin' torque monster! Effortless wheelies, even with the tall stock XL gearing. The first time I took it out my buddy showed up with his XR650L, it's piped and jetted. I told him I had to take it easy because my engine was brand new. Well, that didn't last long.
We got about a mile from my house and did a top gear roll-on at about 50 mph. I just walked away from him. I pulled him by 3 or 4 bike lengths before we had to shut down. He couldn't believe it.
That engine still isn't even broke in. I doubt it has a hundred miles on it.
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