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Originally Posted by Jick Magger View Post

Enjoying following along here. You are doing well. Any thoughts on the f800 gs for all your fans. Happy with the performance? Is it the right bike for Mexico? I love my Gsa but from some ride reports a slightly smaller bike has its advantages in Latin America. Nice to see tricepilot following your ride. I just finished reading his 2007 RR and will read his other two RR's in the next week. He certainly gets me excited to travel more in Mexico. You boys are living the life and i read the reports and try to keep the economy moving forward on the homefront

Thanks BJ. I am really enjoying the 800 on this trip so far. Only had one time where it was a real handful and that was the very brief period in some deep sand. I am starting to understand the adage of when on these trips, you will never wish for a larger bike. The 800 has tons of power for the highway and can pass in a flash. It is still a big bike and there are tons of roads I wouldn't dream of going on but these little dirt bikes are zipping all over the place on them. So, for a compromise bike the 800 is great. Comfortable on the highway and good on non-pavement. I've ridden this bike on some pretty rough roads/trails that I wouldn't consider fully loaded and by myself a long way from home.

The GSA is a phenominal bike - I learned on one. HIgher top speed, greater acceleration and that boxer engine is an amazing powerplant. I think the same things apply to it as the 800 - big, that is good most the time but every once in awhile you wish it was smaller.

TricePilot writes a great report - he's been a real inspiration.

I think dreaming is an important part o getting ready for these trips. And, those of us goofing off appreciate people keeping the economy moving forward.

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