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Question End of January snow yes/no we don't know ride

I tried all week to figure out my electrical problem, and checked every connection I could. I did manage to solve my flickering signal problem at least. I thought that that may have drained the battery, since they would come on solid once in a while, even with the key out. I made it to and from work all week with no problem, and kept the battery on a charger at night just in case. It kept a charge, so I decided I could go for a ride this weekend with my friends, provided we had jumper cables. I kept a good eye on my battery, and brought a volt meter to monitor it. It was iffy, but at least I was with lots of people. It was a very wet ride to Jordan River.

Well, look at that! Three DRZ'S!

We decided to try and get to the Bear Creek Resivoir, and started to hit snow at about the first dam. We saw two quads coming out, and no tracks after that. We went a LOT further than they did......not saying it stayed fun for long. It was an adventure, that's for sure!

It was so much work getting anywhere! a full body workout, especially with your feet constantly getting dragged back by the snow!

Here is a video troll took of the way up.

Finally got to the reservoir, all four of us soaked through and exhausted

We tried to dry off under the trap and have a fire. It was a pitiful attempt at fire! It is SO hard keeping a flame on the coast when it is wet out! When I lived in the interior, it was like cheating starting a fire, even in winter. Birch bark everywhere! all you need! You could truly be screwed out here if you are stuck, cold and wet, and don't have an axe or tinder!

Oh well, it was out of the rain for a bit anyway.

We decided we had enough of smoky fires and wet, and we were starting to get cold, being soaked through. Time for the work out program phase 2, and my battery is dead! We jump it in fairly short order, (nearly hit a pun there) and make the slow, spinny way back. I try extra hard to stay upright, knowing what a pain it will be to have to jump start a bunch of times from dumping!

Like my jumper cables?

The road back was very dark, very wet, and my lights were very dim...... I took my time, not wanting to get killed, and lagged way behind on the highway... oh well, do what you gotta do. live to ride another day! I had a nice warm layer if water in my boots all day long!

I've got some serious work to do on my machine! No bush till charging problem solved! At least I can still get to and from work!
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