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That makes sense, but the problem I see is that in stepping the nose you're creating a lot of drag and turbulent air. Why not give it a series of curves to achieve the same goals but without the step (a la McLaren)? For some reason I can't see an aerodynamicist liking that shape, in that area, on an otherwise slippery chassis.
The reality is that they are not that slippery. F1 cars will run a coefficient of drag between .75 and 1.1 or so depending on wing configuration, compared to a slippery road car of a .35 or so. The key is not so much slipperiness as it is shaping and controlling the airflow for maximum downforce when needed or maximum flow when needed. I don't think that the humps are as aerodynamically challenging as the look, but I presume the interesting shape of the Newey designed on creates a clean vortex around the cockpit sides back to the rear wing whereas the Ferrari hump looks like a barge.

Interestingly, it could be utilized as a single surfaced wing to direct airflow up, thereby exerting a little downward pressure directly at the front axle. Probably won't do much but look ugly, but it could add a little downforce.
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