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In comparing here, it looks like the Force India has the most aggressive of the humps with the Ferrari being the most slabbed, The cup shape of the FI car suggests they are trying to capture as much downforce potential as possible whereas the Ferrari's simply looks like they looked at it simply as a step from height A requirement to height B requirement. It looks unimaginative and uninspiring.

I know everyone was waiting on the Newey car, but he looks to have taken a different route by a hideous hump, but utilizing the space for a duct. He says only for driver cooling but that is way too big for that. I presume clever ducting, F-ducting type of stuff.

The HRT car looks skinny in the nose but also includes one of the smoothest of the hump designs. As far as the Sauber, they'd be happy just keep the damn nose and wing on the thing.
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