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Custom Tune - PowerCommander or TuneECU?

Man, I've tried to get my head around the TuneECU thread, but it's overwhelming. And from what I'm gathering to get a really good tune you need diagnostic equipment to make sense of the numbers anyway, otherwise it's just stabbing in the dark, trial and error, and subjective results (for the issues I'm having).

I'm considering a custom professional tune (which hurts! $$$) and have a good place up the road (AF1). I'm still in the recon/exploratory phase of this, but they're recommending going with a Power Commander module and then a custom tune.

AF1 has fancy dyno gear and access and experience with TuneECU apparently, but I would have to supply the cable and maybe even a laptop??? (said that both Tuneboy and TuneECU were "labor intensive" = $$)

Bike info: '07 990

Stock map (I think)
FMF single can
SAS removal (with resistors, etc)

It's running pretty badly since I did the SAS job, poor mileage and surgy in the mid-range steady throttle (cruising speed). Mileage is dismal. It's run fine for 50K before I messed with the canni/SAS.

Anyway, I guess I'm looking for some advice and reassurance that it'll all work out okay! Any reason to doubt that a Power Commander treatment would fix me up? I guess I don't mind spending the money if it works, I just can't afford to pull that trigger too many times. I love this bike, but damn...

I'm living a home mechanic's bad dream: Modifying a perfectly good motorcycle to tweak it better on the cheap and having the opposite effect, and then having to buy your way out. The up side is that I could potentially have an expertly tuned machine on the other side of this experience...
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