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Different section of town specialize in various products.

This area had block after block of people with sewing machines, ready to mend your torn clothing.

There were shoe repair areas, potato salesman, and ballet shoe sales.

A Honda Hero
This was one of the larger motorcycles seen.

This was on the street of "7 Crosses".
About every 2 blocks there was another church and another cross.

Tourist are few and far between!

That is a good thing...

Another Quito Plaza, and Sandy, who complained rarely about the length of the walking and the altitude.
This should be good for losing a few pounds.

This is also a good thing as the "Jesse Bags" for the motorcycle weight in at over 130 pounds!

Traffic is orderly, but quick!
A lot of horn honking, but usually to notify other drivers as cars go through the narrow streets with the many blind corners.

The President of Ecuador lives in this home.......

"I am in California, but my brain spends 90% of it's time in South America"

Over 27,000 miles in South America -- which is NOT enough!

Here is a link to the South American Ride Report...

Trip Index Page.... If you are interested in one spot in South America, you can click on this link and go directly to your point of interest.
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