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We have just realized that for the past four days we have not seen a tatoo, gang member, or an asshole in a car that would like to shoot you for looking at him the wrong way!

The people here are FRIENDLY. This includes the police. Sandy and I were about 50 feet from an intersection, where a policewoman was directing traffic. She left her post and came over to see if she could help us. In California we have gotten use to some pretty unacceptable behavior by others. Everybody smiles down here............

Another point to make is how quickly the Spanish is learned when immersed in a Spanish speaking society.

Hopefully our bike will show up in the next few days. Three Jesse cases and two suit cases are hard to lug around without a bike! As soon as it arrives we will be heading for the jungles in the remote eastern parts of Ecuador.

Adios for now......
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Here is a link to the South American Ride Report...

Trip Index Page.... If you are interested in one spot in South America, you can click on this link and go directly to your point of interest.
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