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Originally Posted by Harry Backer View Post
I picked up one of these today. Have some questions. Hope you guys can help.

1. What kind of oil should I get for the gas, I have Stihl oil for my 2 stroke equiptment will that work?

2. What oil to I put in gear case.

It runs has most of the parts eccept head light ring and side plastics are busted. I started it with the stihl oil its 50'1. are there any other things I need to know about it. I know its slow already. I got it for next to nothing and thought I would fart around with it. Mainly just some elbo greese and some paint it will be fine. Too Crapy out to take pics yet. Thanks

PS this is my first 2 smoker
gday , please if you ever come across another k10/11 please let me know or if you part yours, i have a K11 that i need a swing arm and axle, chain adjusters for, then i could ride it , please keep me in mind
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