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Just back from another prerun. Mike, Russ and I froze our butts off! Despite the cold, we managed to get over 500 miles in. On this trip I planned more HP (off trail) than all previous stages combined. HP in this terrain proved quite challenging, sometimes as slow as 5 mph zigzagging through the mars-like terrain. On the last day the snow slowed us to a crawl, setting us back a few hours, and leading to a 9:00pm ASS and a late dinner. Overall the was quite successful. This area has so much great terrain, we now have several long stages all from the same start/finish point. You guys are going to eat these stages up!!!

Camel Head rock is one of the destination points at the end of a tough HP section. When you see this off in the distance, you know that's the point you should be aiming for!

Another HP section. We all seemed to take different lines in the HP sections, but managed to come back together when we hit the landmark point where a new heading was given.

There were a lot of cool little dunes mixed in with brush and wild rock formations. It was usually easier riding the dunes than the other sections as recent rains had made them pretty hard packed. Summer riding will be a lot tougher!

I don't draw the tulip drawings in the roadbook until we prerun it and prove the route is good. Sometimes it's tough staying on track when you only have mileage, text and headings.

Huge cow pie:

Just down the road from the bivouac we hit the Mars terrain:

Grand Sunset:

Near the cattle water hole. Russ didn't fall in this time.

Lookout point while riding along the edge of the Grand Canyon:

Wild horses running along the edge of the Grand Canyon:

Every morning we pulled out the roadbook and installed a new one. This one is for half a stage.

This was just minutes before Russ went down on this road due to the slick ice and snow. That was the end of the day for him. He'll be back soon!

Later, with just Mike and I, we dropped into this wash and rode it for a couple of miles. GREAT fun!!!

Eventually the snow got the better of Mike and I as well. This section was very slow going, and not so fun.

I got a bit aggressive again, and paid the price.

Not the Grand Canyon, but definitely a grand view. It didnít look like anyone had been on the road along here for months if not years. Very remote!
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