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For those who have not read the entire thread, I have gathered most of the information into one post. Please also note some details below MAY have changed from last year even though it looks similar.

Gearheart and his dad should be at the ranch at some point during the weekend. This is where the base camp and BBQ will be.


Q:What about parking at gearhearts place?
A: There is a lot of space to park your vehicles, but depending on how many trucks and trailer setups there are, we may have overflow parking available if the desert rat neighbors (lucky butt ranch) are there this weekend. If not, it is fairly safe to park along side the road adjacent to grearhearts place. this road is hardly used with low traffic, and fairly safe, especially since there will be so many of us there.

when you pull up to the property, please see BOB, Richard (pops/Spareparts) or Mike (gearheart) about parking. It is first come first serve, so if you get there late, you may be parking on the street.

**Parking space IS limited, so please try to carpool if possible to save vehicle space. Once the main area fills up we have overflow parking. once that is full you'll have to park on the road next to the Ranch. It is fairly remote and relatively safe, so there is no worry about hit and runs.

Q: What if I am a pansey who doesnt like to camp in the dirt?
A:FOR THOSE WHO DONT WANT TO CAMP, the campgrounds were bought out by KOA and have been remodeled, plenty of nice cabins and motorhome spots to stay in. you are welcomed to stay here and meet us in the morning for rides, food and general debauchery. This is the link to the website for reservations. KOA Glamis North

Q:How the heck do I get there???

IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN HERE BEFORE TRY TO ARRIVE DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS TO MORE EASILY FIND THE PLACE, or at least start calling fellow inmates while still on the pavement (cell reception is spotty at best)

A:GPS (garmin) Coords are:
W 33* 27.011'
W115* 42. 875

It's paved up until about two miles or so from camp, after that it is a graded dirt road, which large motorhomes access often. There will be signs marking the way so nobody gets lost. If you have any questions about how to get there you can call me at (five six two) three three five-nineteen nineteen 562-335-1919

Coming from LA, take the 10 east towards pheonix.
Keep RIGHT to take CA-86 SPUR S toward BRAWLEY / EL CENTRO.
Take the 66TH AVE EAST exit on the LEFT. (there is a huge highly used Arco gas station, this is the last good place to fuel up)
Turn LEFT onto 66TH AVE / CA-195.
Turn RIGHT onto CA-111.
Turn LEFT onto Mineral Hot Springs road, you'll cross railroad trails and head towards the mountains
Turn LEFT at System road (graded dirt road). this road parallels the Coacha Canal.
You will pass Siphon #22 and you are basicly there.
Turn LEFT at Vaughn Road

When you turn left onto Vauhn Road, you will pass our neighbors place on the left, then you will turn left onto Cooper Rd. for about 20 yards.

Q: Where is the best Place to fuel up??
A: Depending on the direction you are coming from there are gas stations 20 miles from the Ranch:

If you are coming from LA via the 86 & 111, There is an Arco gas station:
90480 66th Avenue
Mecca, CA 92254-6228
(760) 396-5243

If you are coming from San Diego or Yuma, AZ via the 78 & 111, there is a Soco Gas station in Niland, CA
8004 US-111., Niland, CA 92257
(760) 359-2422

Q: green sticker okay?
A: plate recommended, if you want to ride a green sticker bike its at your own risk.

Q: nOObs invited?
A: sure, we can split into groups by bike and comfort level

Q: can I show up early/leave late from gearheart's camp spot?
A: ok to arrive Friday, leave Monday but please PM Gearheart your plans (there will be no water on Monday morning).

Q: where do we relieve ourselves?
A: gearheart's camp spot has a toilet and running water. (feel free to donate toilet paper, soap, or magazines)

Q: is drunken buffoonery permitted?
A: no, drunken bufoons will be blindfolded and dropped off in the bombing range
(please see the other camp rules below LINK)

Q: should I bring the big DS or the plated dirt bike?
A: if you want to ride fast and explore the side options bring the dirt bike, otherwise the big DS will be fine. either way you'll want a gas tank with at least a 100 mile range.

Q: Where do i fill up??
A: Depending on what adventure you take: If you are doing the full bomb run: A small gas station near lunch mid-ride. its aproximately 160 miles round trip, so unless you are sure you can make it, or have spare fuel, I would highly advise you fill up here. If you are just doing short rides like the freeway, or red canyon/arch loop, there is a gas station off the 10 freeway, but with a 100 mile range it's unlikely you will need to fill up.

Wheelies gas station or Chiraco summit/Desert Center.

Q: We're eating lunch too?? (for bomb run)
A: We will be eating at a fine dining establishment near wheelies gas station, called Lagoon Lodge, so bring your best riding attire If you are riding other routes, its bring your own food!

Q: Whats the deal with the BBQ??
A: This year we are not doing the deep pit BBQ, so no charge! We will be having a pot-luck style dinner saturday night instead, so bring your own drinks, and a dish enough for 5-10 people.

You can bring anything you want to contribute for the bbq, drinks, chips, cups/plates/forks or other sides are welcome... its byos (bring your own sides) so it's deffinitly welcome!

Q: Do I need silverware?
A: SOME we will have some silverware for those who arent able to or forgot those... as long as you dont mind me licking it after im done using it.

A: Stickers are already in, and available for prepurchase. It may or may not look something like this:

Campground etiquette...

This is not a party so much as a ride. Please be prepared to behave as you would in your own house, here's a few of the house rules:

*no littering, including cigarette butts.
*alcohol in moderation, please.
*parking only in the driveway and no cutting across the property (no riding on the lawn, essentially).
*kind, curtious behavior. please no asshattery (it isnt glamis).
*firewood welcome for the firepit!

Originally Posted by Trey650
A side note not covered here:
Bring trash bags and be prepared to haul all your and any trash you find that is not burnable out. We are guests here and it is our responceability to clean the place up, so that we can continue having this ride out of this location. Everyone is required to do camp clean up before they leave.

Bring firewood if you can.

Can't wait to see everyone again and meet new faces.
Originally Posted by gearheart
I have a couple of additional requests, as this property is my parents escape from the city many of the other 51 weeks a year, Pop's has been trying to encourage some new trees to grow. many of these are marked with a cinder block turned on its side with the open cells facing up protecting the young tree from rabbits, boots, bike tires, tents or what have you. Please watch out for them as they seem scattered about at random and remind others.

With this many people signed on, parking is going to be tight. Bob is in charge of parking. He is a retired teamster and can back a motorhome and trailer around GlenHelen if he had too.

He will asess the size and type of your vehicle and determine the best spot for you to park. It will get a little tight this weekend, those who have been before know what I mean. The smaller rigs can get in closer with the larger land yaughts parking outside the gate with tenters getting priority.

Work with Bob and you might end up closer to the food...

cause a problem and you might end up sleeping on top of the scorpion mound...

One last thing, I am not too good at math so exact change helps, or keep the change is fine too.

I am looking forward to some good rides. see you guys soon.
Originally Posted by gearheart
Hi everybody, couple of things;

First, please see the list Snap is putting together and keep us posted if your plans change (post #7) yeah, go back to the first page...

Second, we got some smudge pots this year due to nearly freezing our arse's off last year while trying to dry out. If you are unfamiliar with smudgies, they run on reclaimed motor oil so we are recycling in a way. We run them WFO and they burn super hot and work great. (Thanks Cousin Jon, not only can you set a dislocated finger in the field but this year you brought the heat!!!) PLEASE BRING ANY OLD OIL YOU ARE HARBORING!

Third, it is great to hear from everybody, friends new and old. (Thanks for reminding me of when I locked the keys in the van Ramjet... I actually had forgotten!) Uncle Rick, I am surprised that Mrs RickF will let you make it this year after showing off your skivvies on the internet last year but I am glad to hear you are going to make it! Please re-stock that fridge.., you were certianly well toasted around the fire last year in your absence!

Where the hell is Trey650?

See you soon,

Q: Is the saturday "Bomb Run" riding as crazy as the pictures jonz posted?
A: only on the Friday ride (DETAILS). The Bradshaw trail is actually fairly mild, it is mostly fire road, but 160 miles of it. These fire roads can be decieving, however. Once you get a good fast pace, a turn will come up and throw a tree in your way! So essentially it is a challange of endurance and compansionship.

Q:What about the friday ride?
A: We have not actually planned to have a friday ride, but if SOMEONE was willing to lead the freeway loop, so maybe we can do this.

Q: What about the sunday ride?
A:There are several options for this, we can do a local tour to the Oasis, or Red canyon/arch loop, or Repeat the repeator towers.

-We can do Jonz route:
Repeat the repeaters

-Or we can do a red canyon/waterfall route as shown by Razr:
Red Canyon/Waterfall route
Originally Posted by HappyGoLucky
lots of guys make excuses - it must be the tyres, it must be the weight, it must be the power, it must be the water pump.
ride the $*#(@) thing, and you'll quickly learn that the stain marks in your brooks were firstly from fear and then from ecstacy.
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