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Originally Posted by tahoeacr View Post
There is your answer and the attitude of most dyno operators. Lazy and only looking to get you in and out as fast as possible. Plus make 35% on the PCIII that you don't need. They are not really giving you a "custom" tune. They are selling you a PCIII. Then hooking up "Tuning link" software that Dyno jet developed(that is why they want to sale you a PCIII). Their PC then takes over all the tuning as they just sit there and hold the throttle. Tuning link then runs thru the pre set TPS ranges while in each range going up the rpm band. It checks your current A/F ratio then changes it to a pre set ratio. It does not optimize the A/F range for that RPM/TPS nor does it alter ignition timing. Tuning Link does not set a "closed loop" area as PCIII's run without o-2 sensors so forget killer MPG(optimizing ignition timing can also help mpg). I don't consider that a custom tune. You could do that much by buying your own wide band and spending some time.
Is that enough? Here, let me give you some more. PCIII is a piggy back system. It takes the signal coming out of the ECU and modifies it to what was set. It does not know if your ECU is on the MAPvsRPM(Low TPS settings and richer) or the TPSvsRPM map. Because of this it will not solve your biggest issue of the "throttle notch" or whatever you want to call it.
Sorry if I was a little bit blunt. Nothing personal, just always feel like in so many different threads what I say to try and help falls on deaf ears so I pretty much quit posting about tuning. I just didn't want to see you spend that much and not really be happy with the results.
I"m really glad you chimmed in. Really. Being one of the knowledgeable FI members here you probably feel like your input does "fall on deaf ears" at times, but I assure you that many of us read and re-read what you say (even if we/they don't reply).

Yes, this is EXACTLY what I want to hear, and I appreciate brutal honesty! After wading through the "Got Tunes" thread I was surprised that they (AF1) were more eager to recommend the PCIII over TuneECU because 1. TuneECU seems to be "it" here in the Orange Crush, and 2. They advertise some form of TuneECU on their website. I even mentioned that.

Sorry if this is a dumb question: Do YOU do custom tunes professionally? I might come see ya... Who are the other guys that know how to do the KTMs right? Ken Wheeler at Deal's Gap, who else? I do get around the country, perhaps a scheduled appt. is in order based on time and place... I'm in San Antonio, but something out West could work, as could something in the South maybe...
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