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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Obviously you really want a BMW though, or you wouldn't be here!

Jim're absolutely right...I do want one. I have my eye on a late 80s GSPD with the solo seat. I have owned 26 bikes to date. Harleys, Ducatis, Ktms, 1 BMW and many Japs. I have never owned a GS. I want an older GS to ride my local adv roads and some in-state motorcycle camping. I keep the 650 Strom for when I want to leave this f#ck%d up state and ride to where there are roads with personality (Arkansas, Colorado, Virginia, Washington State). I think an old R80 or R90 will be super dependable and I wont have to worry about being stranded. That being said, I need to know if BMW used points on the early GS or electronic.

Most BMW adv riders are really nice and approachable but theres some out there that think theyre bad asses and look down their noses at anything but another BMW. I seek those guys out and blow past them on my 65hp in the bends and in the dirt! know who you are.
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