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Originally Posted by Gumbeaux View Post
I am curious if you have evolved your thinking to the final deliverable of all this awesome effort? Is it an event? A series of events? or just a "click here and buy the roadbook" product? Do you intend the target to be strictly those training for Dakar style rallys or would you open this up to the "dreamers" and their bucket list? (granted, it is for "experts only").
My thinking is continuously evolving. It's still planned as a roadbook navigated ride, but the routes and overall length keep growing. And some of the most recently created stages have some very difficult navigation and more challenging terrain on average. In other words, it's getting longer and harder.

As far as "events", I'm leaning away from the idea of a big organized event. In my view, an excellent rally route doesn't have 30 sets of fresh tire tracks ahead of you to follow. Fewer is better. So, if I don't know you, you might have to get the roadbooks and plan for your own group on your own schedule.

I still don't know how roadbooks will be made available. Maybe some stages would be available to a wide audience, and others might be held for the small group of hardcore rally racers.

Originally Posted by wrk2surf View Post
if you need a hand doing recon I would jump at the chance ..ready willing and able! Great looking stuff Scott! Looks like Mike rebuilt his KTM !
About the only way to help me with the recon is to buy me a better computer that runs Google Earth better. Everything is planned on the computer at home before we go ride it. The only time we depart from the planned route is when we encounter a locked gate or other blockage. And even then, I almost always have a workaround preplanned. We rode a bit over 500 miles in this past prerun. I can only remember one place about a mile long where I rode off the planned route or a planned alternate route. I know it sounds a bit strange, but it is absolutely the best way to get this many stages and this many miles proven out while maintaining a high level of unique and challenging terrain. I find 100 times more cool stuff by using the computer than I could possibly find by searching on location on a bike. The bad part is that I have a pretty good idea whatís coming before I actually ride it. That takes away a lot of the surprise and fun discovery for me while riding. But I think it provides the best final result for everyone else who follows.

Now, I suppose you really meant you want to help with the prerunning. I really appreciate all who have offered to help. But itís clear to me now that fewer helpers is better. Two helpers is best (safest), three is maybe acceptable, and more is trouble. One helper spot is permanently taken by Russ, because heís super sharp and reliable and he lives close so we can drive out together. That leaves one or two openings, and I have about a dozen close friends who want in. So, please hang in there and wait for me to get the first roadbook completed and released. Youíll probably like that more anyway, since the prerunning is slow and frustrating at times.
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