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Originally Posted by willis 2000 View Post
I don't have experience with KTM, but I used tuneECU on my Triumph. The cable is about $20, and that's your total expense. I couldn't understand the instructions, either, but a computer-literate friend and I watched the YouTube video twice and it the remap was a success. And, I could re-install the stock setting without paying someone else. There are custom tunes and with the Triumph, I could make a custom map if I wanted.


I guess that's technically true... but without diagnostic analysis how do you know what to change, and how much to change it? Sure, I could plug in any values I want for free, but knowing what to want seems to be the trick. And the results would be entirely subjective, just what "feels" right, not what actually is.

Correct me if I'm wrong about that... I've yet to try TuneECU myself, trying to research first.

It might be worth a try since it isn't expensive. On the TuneECU site I don't see a user generated map for my bikes parameters ('07, 2-into-1, FMF, de-canni, de-SAS).
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