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Originally Posted by Wal2 View Post
nice report, especially from a beginners viewpoint, and a ride i have a fancy to do (almost same route)

BTW, i also like Basel, i am usually there a few times every year, (have friends in Bruderholz area)
Bruderholz is nice, it's probably the Beverly Hills of Basel. Most motorcyclists from other countries usually only know Basel for the Autobahn when heading to the Alps. But it's the perfect place for lots of touring: Day trips to the Vosges, Black Forest and Jura and weekend trips to the Alps.

Originally Posted by Horizon View Post
I did a long Karelia tour about a week after you, but i went around on the north side of lake Ladoga because a friend has a summer house there.
I saw that you chose to go south around lake Ladoga.
With your street bike, be glad that you did ..

A long part of that northern stretch is a gravel road that can rattle any bike to pieces in no time!
I am amazed that my V-strom survived without falling apart.
A very beutiful part of Karelia, but clearly has the worst gravel "wash board" roads i have experienced, ever.

Too bad that the time of our tours didnīt match up, maybe next time?
Bummer it didn't work. I hope you had a good trip, would be great to see some pics how it looks far away from the main road.
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