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Originally Posted by rufus View Post
What are you recording your mileage with? GPS? ICO? Do you go back and ride a section after it is finished to check that the mileage and GPS and roadbook all agree?
The mileage is all determined from Google Earth way before we ride anything. The whole roadbook is created (except the tulip drawings) at home before we ride. The prerun is to verify the route is passable, and that the roadbook has the correct info (including mileage, compas headings, text, etc). After the prerun is completed, I make the needed corrections in the roadbook and draw the tulip diagrams. Then I consider it ready for others to use.

When prerunning, I use an ICO to verify the roadbook mileage is correct. About 98% of the time it is exact, or within a hundred meters or so. When it's wrong it's often a typo mistake on my part, like 1.20 miles instead of 2.10 miles. I also created a software tool (Excel macro) that does a rough mileage check before I print the prerun roadbooks. That catches most of the major mileage mistakes.

I almost never ride anything twice before the final roadbook is released. A couple of routes I've only ridden once in my life, and that was on the one prerun (Primmo, parts of Dumont-to-Vegas). I tended to get tied up with other tasks when we had the rally schools, so sometimes I miss the real ride. Actually, there are parts of my Afton Loop route that I have never ridden, even in a prerun. That one I ran out of time and couldn't prerun a long section, so I decided the roadbook as created at home on my computer "had to be right". Many others have ridden that one and I guess the roadbook was ok is because they always make it back to the bivouac! There's a hillclimb in there that I'd really like to see in real life, but never had a chance.
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