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So pick a few tunes and try them. If you are coming from a carb jetting background, this sounds like torture; with carbs you always want to have a pretty good idea of where you're headed before you start pulling stuff off the bike, but that's simply not an issue with TuneEcu.

It's amazing how hard it is mentally to get past the apparent complexity and realize that this is far, far, easier than rejetting carbs. Approach it in a methodical, careful manner, and make small changes, one at a time--or just try someone else's map. As long as you've saved--and backed up--your stock map, you can always get home again. No ruby slippers are required. It's not a matter of spending an hour pulling bodywork, etc to make tiny changes in jetting; plug it in and go for a test ride. You can handle rhythm and melody, point and counterpoint, you can get your head around this. It's a language a lot like music is a language. Fueling is the melody, timing the rhythm--go write a concert and smile every time you hear it played...

It's the best excuse I've had for a long time to just go for a ride--"Honey, I've gotta go test sumthin, be back in a bit...."

It's SO cheap and SO easy that you really do owe it to yourself to try it. Even if you hate it, the experience will help you give valuable guidance to whoever you eventually DO have tune the bike, and that's worth the price of the cable all by itself.

As for TuneEcu vs other approaches, due to the specific issues present in the 990s, the ability to adjust ignition timing is critical to successfully tuning the lurch out of the bike.

Last, I gotta tell ya that your big thread was the first 990 specific trip report I read here, and your adventures and experiences--and the way you tell them--is a big part of the reason I bought the best bike I've ever owned. Thanks for that. Lemme give you a little back: try TuneEcu. It's not as bad as it looks.

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