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Thumb Las Reugeras Ride

One thing about a Vespa: You might not go a long way, but is sure feels like it. This is good news for me, because I’m still borrowing a bike from Lady L (thanks again!) and only get on two wheels during Friday rides with the CSC Crew. Last Friday’s ride was a stunning 24 kilometers round trip, kicking off as usual at La Carta de Ajuste and ending in El Escamplero.

Above: The route, all 12 kms of it

Above: Bikes at the bar

Above: Tipos duros...?

There were eight Vespas clogging up the sidewalks out front of La Carta by the time we set off. I decided to have a look at how badly their odometers were lying.

Above: Eight odos, a Military Green Vespa, and Monchupichu’s chicken hat

Although wintery according to the thermometer, the unexpected arrival of sunshine gave the ride a decidedly appealing, almost spring like quality after several straight Asturian days of grey and drizzle.

Above: Vespas on the streets of Oviedo

Above: Vespas heading West

As with all the rides that leave from Oviedo, the scenery and the twisty roads never fail to satisfy. We wandered through fields and villages to a restaurant in El Escamplero with a spectacular view of the valley below and a pretty damn good cachopo.

Above: Vespas on el Camino de Santiago

Above: Views near El Escampalero

Above: The view and the viewers

As always, we ate more than was strictly necessary and certainly more than was healthy. I was surprised to see a rooster strutting around outside the restaurant. Sometimes Spain really does feel like Africa…

Above: Monchupichu enjoying that cachopo, Earnest , King P, and the cock of the walk

As we were leaving, the Guardia Civil arrived, and instead of immediately searching for some way to extract a bribe from us, began bullshitting with Five-O (who is a fellow tribesman after all). Aaah civilization…

Above: Just a friendly howdy from the Guardia Civil, the cruise back home

As with most Fridays, the riding ends back at the workshop. This time, we were attempting to kick over a recently purchased but untested old Vespa. First we had to steal a bit of fuel from El Niñín´s little red project bike. And later, Earnest installed the CSC frosted glass effect logo on the doors.

Above: Petrol theft, logo installation

After workshop, it’s back to La Carta where the Prez, much rested after having bailed out on the ride for a little napito, was busy attending to clients and idiots like us. From here, everybody said a lot, but none of it is worth repeating.

Above: El Prez, Bar mascot, my view of Mahou, Vinny and Marky Mark

I swaggered home after my bedtime, enjoying the quiet streets of Europe’s cleanest city. I made a pass by two iconic structures: The Cathedral of San Salvador (place of worship begun by a king in 781 and finished by Cardinal in 1528) and “La Calatrava” (built, I hear, by crooks for the worship of consumption in the 21st century) before going home. I also saw Cap’n Caito’s rusty heap abandoned on the street where he left it after running out of fuel. Come on Cap’n… rookie move!

Above: Two Cathedrals and a Vespa on the street
Don't be surprised.

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