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What's the point of it being a boxer if it's water-cooled? Are we just left with a lower cg? Along those same lines the choice between a Triumph Explorer and a BMW GS Boxer then is engine layout, I guess.

I really liked the fact it didn't have radiators and fans for LC (other than oil cooler) since it seemed like the things always cooked me in some way. Oh well, we'll have to wait and see as to how it does.

I'm thinking there might be a market for a 80 hp traditional boxer GS 800 oil cooled only. Big suspension, no can bus, or ESA, or ASC, (maybe ABS tho, for hypocrisy sake) and very simple with quality components and sell for 14K US. Not like the monster HP2 but simpler, smaller, cheaper. Probably conflicting desires here but it's a fantasy anyway.
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