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Originally Posted by NordieBoy View Post
Hopefully the internal diameter of the forks is the same.

My TT350 has 41mm forks and Intiminators for the 41mm KLR forks wouldn't fit.
Triumph Scrambler ones did though.

The DR ones come with 2x0.010" and 1x0.015"

If anything, I'd go slightly lighter if you're more off-road biased.
Say, maybe 1x0.015" + 1x0.010"

Depends on the rest of the holes and inertia valve too.

What shims are in the ones you've got?
The V Strom ones come with 3x0.012" and 2x0.015"

Wow I am glad that I didnt just drop them straight in.

Thanks that give me a good starting point.
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