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Originally Posted by pauljm View Post
My Wunderlich adjustable gear lever managed to snap on the weekend while on road up shifting.
Its been a while since I have been off road where it would get a knock unless its just been weaken for a while.
Anyway it bent up on the slide shaft one half snapped one still hanging on. Straightening snapped it obviously managed to rig it to continue the ride & get home. MacGyver eat your heart out.
Thinking of a replacement & maybe an Alloy lever that snaps isn't ideal. Any one found anything new recently to hit the market? Need it longer than std my size 12 Sidi Adv won't fit under/between the std lever.
Interesting -- I just put on the Wunderlich as the stock adjuster moved up a notch (and the rubber removed) was OK but not perfect with boots. I do wonder about the alloy casting -- it seems like the cheap BMW shifter would bend but not break and could be bent back. Anyone else with out there with Wunderlich problems? Also did yours slide on easily? -- Mine was so hard to get on I had the dealer do it as it was due for service and going in the shop anyway. Touratech makes a cheaper adjustable model that I believe is steel.
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