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Originally Posted by eanth View Post
I have an 03 Dakar and the rear ABS functions exactly as described here by GSBS. The front works great, but the rear is scary indeed. I took it in years ago under warranty (don't recall where) and was told that this is how these brakes are supposed to function. Couldn't believe my ears. I still have the ABS installed for the benefit up front but may lose it now that i've upgraded to an Ohlins rear and considering the YZ front swap.
Do the YZ conversion... you won't regret it!

I finally got to test ride my "new" Dakar today for the first time since converting to the YZ forks and having the stock Showa shock revalved and dialed in by Go Race Suspension in Virginia.

It is truly a different bike! Even though today's ride was somewhat abbreviated due to the cold weather and time considerations, the suspension handled every thing thown at it very well. I did a bit of slab and ran it up to over 90 mph, carved on some twisty backroads, even did a stretch of gravel and ran over a dog (Yes, A 50-pound DOG!).

I was going 45-50 mph when this boxer/terrier-looking dog was already running full speed and on me at 3 o'clock before I saw him... Ran clean over him with both wheels. His momentum and angle actually pushed the front end sideways enough to cause a pretty severe swerve and the forks bottomed out.

But the longer suspension must have cushioned the blow cuz the dog just kept running into the woods and wasn't yepping or crying.

Bottom line is that with stock suspension I'd have gone down and the upgrades kept me upright. Hell YEAH!

And the non-ABS brakes work just fine. I had toyed with the idea of buying the EBC oversized (320mm) motard rotor kit for the YZ front brake, but after today I think the stock YZ rotor is large enough for my riding. Nice to have the option for under $200 though.

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