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Day 2 Part 1

I wake up bright and early. I snacked on a few handle fulls of trail mix and some water while looking over my map to figure out what to do today.

I suited up and went down to the river at the canoe camp. As soon as I step into the water I relalize the neoprene on one of the stocking feet attached to my waders has sprung a leak....a big within a minute my whole leg is full of stream water. Oh well, I tied on a grass hopper and proceed to land 3 decent sized brown trout before snapping that fly off in a snag.

I decided to go check out some of the spots my father and I used to fish before I went to college. I haven't been down in this area in almost 10 years.

This is Cameron Bridge Road. Lovely little canoe and fishing access point on the Manistee River.

Most of the roads around here are mixed sand and gravel. Some spots softer than others.

This is after I put the kick stand down on a big rock.

Here is the access at mancelonia road. I hooked into a very large trout just up stream of here. That one managed to break off in a beaver snag.

I enjoyed an afternoon of spirited riding and then went to go visit a friend.

Before leaving for this trip I managed to contact an old friend from my childhood days in south east michigan. He had moved around a few times working as a civilian contactor and then settled in the grayling area.

After a few hours of shooting the bull we decided on a evening float trip between stephens bridge and parmalee road.

Here is Mike fishing a fish structure about a mile below stephan's bridge.

Mike's Ausable river boat and faithful fish dog.

We manged to fish about half way down the river before night fall. We navigated the rest of the river in darkness and despite my best efforts, ie flashing the light in Mikes face and paddling us into sweepers, we made it safe and sound. Mike is happy to take people out fishing, you just have to help cover the costs like gas money and flies. If you are interested give a holler and I can set you up.

I manged to strain my bad knee pretty good. I took a vicodin and went to sleep. I had put the tyvek tarp up since the NOAA radio forecasted light showers over night. they were right and the light rain on tyvek sounded like squirrels chucking acorns at a tin roof.
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